Covid-19 has been forced down our throats, and what seems like the entire world thrown into a panic. Seems, being the keyword. 

We, at Deemed Essential® are not afraid of anything with a survival rating above 90% 

Additionally, we think it is wrong that some businesses and people have been deemed essential, while others are not. 

That said, here are 5 reasons why every child, woman and man is Essential:

1. Children Are The Future

Our children are not only the future of the world, but the future of our bloodlines. 

To say a child cannot have food on his or her plate, or get a real, in person education because a small percentage of people are at risk, is absurd.

2. Parents Are Essential To Their Kids

Human children simply cannot take care of themselves.

Parents have an unwavering obligation to provide for their children. Telling millions of hardworking parents to remain home, and not be able to show up for work is prejudiced.   Not everyone has the luxury, or ability, to earn a living from home.  Placing the citizens essentially under house arrest, without as much as a trial, is not cool. 

3. All Men & Women Are Created Equal

Allowing politicians to decide which men and women are important, aka deemed essential, and those who are not, is ridiculous. 

Every human on this earth was created equally. We are all just as rare and unlikely as the next. Think about it... we are, quite literally, on a spinning rock revolving around a giant fireball, surrounded by total darkness. 

4. Every Human Has A Right To Provide For Themselves

While some cynics will argue that we are born to die, we do not do so without fighting to live with all of our might, right up into our twilight years. 

To suggest that a person is not essential and therefore cannot work, is preposterous. So you cannot work, but have been gifted $1200 dollars of your own money to stay put. Don't get us wrong, $1200 is better than $0

Wanting to sit on your ass and collect unemployment, rather than work is disgraceful. We know that's not you. Get up, get out and be essential, by providing for yourself, your family and stimulating our economy at the same time. 

5. Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave

This great free country we call home was founded by brave men and women.

They stood up, and did what was right in the face of tyranny. Crazy to think that freedom being threatened today. But our hats are off. The media has done a phenomenal job of terrifying the world. Well played. 

Those of us living life with health, fitness and wellbeing in mind, have a great chance of remaining just fine for years to come. 

If you're scared stay home, wear your mask and miss out on life. If not, go out, be essential and live. 

We all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit happiness.

Only you can make the decision to act on it.

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