We are dedicated to the free thinkers, the hard workers and the doers of the world who balk at the idea that something can't be done because someone deemed it as non-essential.

We say, NO WAY!

We know in our hearts what is right for our lives - We Are Deemed Essential. 

Every month, DeemedEssential ® curates unique clothing and products.

DeemedEssential® is a clothing brand primarily shipping to US customers committed to deliver Innovation and Convenience to our customers. 

We are your one stop destination for all your essential daily needs - spreading positivity and creativity with our unique company.

We started in 2020 during the tyrannical "non essential" lockdowns seen around the world for a virus no more dangerous than the flu. We feel every person is essential and they should be proud of it. It is our mission to list only the BEST and most AFFORDABLE items on this website.

A story of tyrannical beginnings...

Before Covid hit, most of us were complacent with our lives. Taking our blessings for granted and ultimately not living essentially. 

We were as guilty of this as anybody. 

Sure, we were keeping busy with work, friends, etc, but weren't living in the moment. We lost sight of where we were in life.

Covid becoming topical, and being told we were not allowed to do anything was the wake up call we needed to refocus and act.

The truth is... it wasn’t just complacency, we were flat out ignoring the things that bring us presence and joy.

Somehow, while living life, we slowly phase out the things most important to us.

My wife and I specifically were no longer:

  • Gardening
  • Building things
  • Hitting the gym
  • Walking our dog
  • Improving our house
  • Paying attention to our health
  • Hiking, mountain biking, camping, backpacking
  • And we weren't spending enough time with our family. 

We were in a daze.

And that's when Covid hit.

Suddenly, we were reminded of all the things we love to do, because we were told we weren't allowed to do most of them anymore. 

After a couple of days in quarantine we realized we'd been working so hard at one thing that we were not making time for anything else in life.

We needed a change.

And that's when DeemedEssential was born.

My wife and I decided that we needed to not only hold ourselves accountable, but help others do the same. 

We figured setting up habits that were centered around living our best life is something that many can emulate and benefit from.

Both the problem and the blessing was that we could no longer be lazy. We must hold ourselves to a higher standard of living if we are going to encourage and coach others to do the same. 

Let alone run a successful business.

We thought we would keep the site super simple. Offering a few products and encouraging articles that included suggestions and useful affiliate products for users to consider...

That plan quickly flew out the window. 

As we have gotten deeper into quarantine and back into the groove of living our best life - we've realized there are several categories that this falls into. 

For instance, each one of the collections in our shop holds a connection to a better way of living:

It's a few months into not only the lockdowns, but DeemedEssential. And sticking to the new schedule and being consistent with our new habits has been tough at times.

But as our consistency grows, so do we.

Slowly but surely, the business is expanding, and our life, along with many of our users is being enhanced.

We have already reached more than 50,000 unique users and grown to more than 1,000 email subscribers.

The best part, we have been doing the things we'd been neglecting.

Gardening, hiking, biking etc. are now once again part of not only our regular habits, but our business.

Anyway, I myself, my wife and everybody on the team is stoked that you are part of the family and making an effort to live your best life. 

You, our customer, encourage us to be very picky when choosing which products to offer. If you don’t see something listed on this web store, it's probably because we didn't think much of it or it didn't meet our quality standard. If you do want a unique product to be listed here, please reach out to us.

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Happy shopping!

The Deemed Essential ® Team

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